Unleash Your Potential with Grass-Fed Beef:
The Power Fuel for Athletes and Bodybuilders

Unleash Your Potential with Grass-Fed Beef:
The Power Fuel for Athletes and Bodybuilders



Are you an athlete or bodybuilder looking to optimize your performance and achieve your fitness goals? We’ll show you the ultimate fuel that can take your athleticism to new heights. You can get this amazing source of protein and other essential nutrients simply by choosing grass-fed beef over grain-finished beef. 100% grass-fed beef is great for muscle repair and optimizing performance because it is loaded with amino acids and essential vitamins and minerals. It beats grain-finished meat in many categories including having a lower saturated fat content, higher omega-3 content, and greater nutrient density. In this article, we will explore how incorporating 100% grass-fed beef into your diet can benefit athletes and bodybuilders, ensuring you reach your full potential.

First we need to define a few terms though. When we refer to grass-fed beef we’re talking about 100% grass-fed beef. Meat that comes from cattle that were never fed grain. We’ll also reference grain-finished beef. This is meat that comes from cattle that were fed grass during their life but in the final months were fed grain to help them put on more fat.

Let’s get started.

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High Nutrient Density for Optimal Muscle Growth and Peak Performance

More and more athletes are turning to grass-fed beef, and for good reason. Your body needs amino acids and other nutrients like iron and vitamin B to synthesize muscles efficiently and facilitate oxygen delivery to your cells. Grain-finished beef contains these nutrients but where grass-fed beef really shines is that it brings you those nutrients without the high saturated fat content of grain-finished beef. We’ll dive into that later.

Grass-fed beef also has higher levels of essential nutrients like vitamin A, E, and K as well as minerals like zinc and selenium than grain-finished beef.^1 You need these nutrients to support immune function, recovery, and overall well-being. Choosing to fuel your athletic performance with grass-fed beef ensures that you are delivering high-quality protein with higher levels of vital nutrients to your body, optimizing your diet and your performance.

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what athletes are saying

"The meat was delicious"

Meat was delicious, price is good. Also was quick getting order ready.

- Casey H.

Super clean"

This stuff is great. No antibiotics or hormones and low in fat. Definitely the lowest fat content I've been able to find.

- Eric P.

"Recommend to my clients"

I recommend Windy Ridge's grass-fed beef to all of my clients. It's a great source of high quality protein without all the fat.

- Sophie R.

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Low Fat Content for High-Quality Protein

Remember how we said grass-fed beef does a better job than grain-finished beef in delivering nutrients without high saturated fats? Let’s dig into it. Serious athletes aren't only concerned about getting the nutrients they need but also about the quality of those nutrients and any other harmful effects their food may contain. Grass-fed beef can support your weight management goals due to its favorable nutrient composition. It is typically lower in overall fat content, with a higher proportion of healthy fats such as omega-3 fatty acids. These fats not only aid in muscle recovery but also promote satiety, keeping you feeling satisfied and less likely to overindulge. Incorporating grass-fed beef into your diet can help you build and maintain a lean, sculpted physique.^2 Our grass-fed burger for example can be as lean as a 95/5 meat-to-fat ratio. Compare that to grain-finished beef which is often an 80/20 ratio.


Incredibly Delicious

 Some grass-fed cattle are let out to range and spend their lives eating sage which can create a gamey flavor in the meat. 

Our cattle spend their lives eating the grass on Windy Ridge so the finished meat tastes delicious. We feed this meat to our families, friends, and customers and the reviews come back with a resounding, "This meat is delicious!"

You'll have meals that taste delicious and are more healthy with beef from Windy Ridge Cattle.


Meat was delicious, price is good. Also was quick getting order ready.

- Casey H.

"Great for grilling"

You can't go wrong on the grill with meat from Windy Ridge. Cooks great and tastes even better. Friends and family love coming to our place for BBQ's.

- Alan P.

"My family loves this meat"

The grass-fed beef is incredible. I love that I can feed it to my family knowing that it is healthy, organic, and was raised ethically.

- Sarah K.

Free from Hormones and Antibiotics

If you’re like most athletes and bodybuilders you prioritize clean eating. Unlike conventionally raised beef, grass-fed beef is more likely to be free from hormones and antibiotics. This ensures that you are fueling your body with pure, natural protein, without any unwanted additives. The meat raised on Windy Ridge are not only grass-finished but also pasture-raised meaning that they avoid many of the health issues that arise in traditional feed lots. We never give hormones or antibiotics to our cattle. By choosing grass-fed beef, pasture-raised beef, you’re getting a very clean protein source.

wrapping it up

Optimizing performance and achieving fitness goals requires athletes and bodybuilders to pay careful attention to their nutrition. Grass-fed beef emerges as a nutritional powerhouse, providing athletes with the high-quality protein, essential nutrients, and clean fuel they need to excel. Incorporate grass-fed beef into your diet and unlock your full athletic potential. From enhanced muscle growth and improved endurance to supporting weight management and overall well-being, grass-fed beef is the ultimate power fuel for athletes and bodybuilders.

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I'm so glad you're here. 

I grew up raising horses and working on farms in Cache Valley, located in beautiful northern Utah. I left home after graduating high school, and studied international relations in college.

I was fortunate to have a great career and had my work featured in major publications like National Geographic. But, as the years went by, travelling the world and consulting in Washington DC, I kept feeling called to come back home and return to my roots.

So, that's what I did. 

My family and I moved back to northern Utah and began raising cattle. From the beginning though we wanted to embody that feeling of getting back to our roots. Back to a way of ranching that is more natural and healthier for the animals, the people, and the land we love.

Years later and many families fed, I'm proud of what we've created. I hope you'll join me.



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1. Leheska, J. M., et al. "Effects of conventional and grass-feeding systems on the nutrient composition of beef." Journal of Animal Science 86.12 (2008): 3575-3585.

2. Burdge, G. C., & Calder, P. C. "α-Linolenic acid metabolism in adult humans: the effects of gender and age on conversion to longer-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids." European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology 107.7 (2005): 426-439.